Let me just say how can it already be December, eek? I don’t know about you, but I’ve already opened the first door of the advent calendar and then I had to bolt down the chocolate before breakfast to get over the shock!

It’s ridiculous really, because I feel like November didn’t really happen. My life as an author for the past few months has all been about Christmas. I’ve had a Christmas book published, finished another, am planning the next one and have just written a festive short story.

I’ve also been taking lots of sparkly pics. My daughter was home from uni recently and I dragged her to our local garden centre to model for me. I think the snowman one is my favourite!

I’ve also tried my hand at making my own limoncello for a special spritz (I’m saving it for Christmas Day, but it smells great now). I also took my son ice skating and spent lots of time taking pics of a talking mailbox and various festive fare – it was like being a child again. Since I’m going to start writing next year’s Christmas book on Monday, this was all done in the name of research (honestly).

I should probably tell you that two of my Christmas books have just gone on sale for 99p in a special promotion on Amazon UK. The promo started today (1st December) and runs until the 24th of December 2023. If you’ve not read The Christmas Countdown or If Every Day Was Christmas, then you could grab yourself a bargain now.

So now we’re actually in December for real, apart from bolting chocolate and writing a new festive romance I’ll need to think of some new things to do…

Have a happy, sparkly month and I’ll be back again in January!

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