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Hi, I'm Donna. Thanks so much for visiting my website! If you're here, I'm guessing you'd like to more about me so here it is...

I wrote my first book when I was twelve with my best friend. I found it the other day and it was AWFUL. But I realised early on that I loved writing and used to pen stories in my bedroom. So I suppose the writing was on the wall then.

I studied English and Linguistics at university (tried my hand at horror stories while I was there and became obsessed with Stephen King's brilliant books). Then I did a course in copywriting which helped to feed my creativity in a very different way. I eventually ended up in publishing where I worked for 15 years before becoming a freelance copywriter. During this period I stopped writing my novels altogether.

It took a few more years (and two kids) until I picked up my pen again. At this point I knew if I ever wanted to get published I'd have to get serious about it. So I gave up my copywriting business and got a job managing a website - this meant I could use all of my creativity for my stories. Fast forward a few years (and unpublished novels), and I joined the Romantic Novelists Association and their New Writer’s Scheme.

I was awarded the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017, along with my fellow author Erin Green. After this I met Natasha Harding from Bookouture who offered to mentor me through the WoMentoring Project – and this lead to my first publishing contract. I’m working on my tenth book now.

I live in Hertfordshire with my own romantic hero Chris, two teenagers (Erren and Charlie) and two grumpy cats (Dylan and Daisy) who hate each other.

I love romance in general and devour a range of authors (I'm also a fan of crime novels and movies). I now write full time in an office upstairs in our spare bedroom. Check out the picture of my desk!

I made the heart banner to go over it - a friend gave me a kit.

I love Post-it notes and hand cream and pretty water glasses. I keep nail polish on hand to distract myself when the book gets hard or I get stuck.


This is how I keep my two lovely teenagers from disturbing me mid flow (in truth: it doesn't work and they still barge in).

Seriously, I wouldn't be without them. I can get a bit obsessive about my writing and end up stuck at my desk for hours so it does me good to have some company and distraction!

That said, I'm writing my new Christmas book at the moment and should really get myself stuck in again because my deadline is approaching. Keep an eye on the website for more information on what I'm working on and when my new books are coming out. Thank you so much for reading!

Love Donna xx

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