Summer in the Scottish Highlands

Summer in the Scottish Highlands

How one small act of kindness can change everything… it's time to step into summer and enjoy a new romance set in the beautiful wilds of Lockton in the Scottish Highlands.

Escape to Kindness Cottage. With its home comforts and stunning views of the Scottish Highlands, it’s the perfect place to be this summer. And a truly gorgeous romance is right around the corner…

Thirty-year-old Paige Dougall’s life is a mess. Only a year ago she was smashing all of her life goals: handsome husband, high-flying job, cute kid. But in just under twelve months everything has gone wrong. Nursing a broken heart, single mother Paige returns to Kindness Cottage, her childhood home nestled in a picture-perfect Scottish village, to try and get her life together.

Despite the backdrop of rolling hills and lavender-scented air, Paige struggles to settle into her summer at Kindness Cottage. She’s too wrapped up in her own worries to embrace her beautiful surroundings. That is until Johnny Becker, the infuriatingly cheerful chef, with his twinkling eyes and dimpled smile, steps onto the scene and provides Paige with some much-needed distraction…

Johnny challenges Paige to step outside her comfort zone and focus on the things that really matter. From food tasting, to puppy training, to mountain climbing, in every moment she spends with Johnny, Paige finds herself remembering how to live again… will she be able to love again too?

Across long sunshine-filled days, Paige and Johnny grow closer and she’s tempted to open her heart to him. But is happy-go-lucky Johnny hiding secrets of his own? And can Paige learn to be kind to herself and let go of her past?

A gorgeous, moving summer romance novel about finding joy in the small things and discovering what really matters in life. Perfect for fans of Nicola May, Sarah Morgan and Cathy Bramley.

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